" The 'Business', find the best deals on everything, from electronics to cars to real estate..

With a vast array of products and services, Business empowers individuals and businesses to unlock the true value of their possessions while providing a seamless platform for acquiring exactly what they nee


Casa di moda, a fashion house that designs clothing suitable for both women and Kids.

Discover our brand’s visual identity, a harmonious blend of comfort and style for home and casual wear. With cozy designs and trusted quality, we incorporate playful floral motifs loved by both kids and women, creating a connection that celebrates the interconnectedness of women and children..


" The 'Green bus', transporting students from home to school and back.

Experience our brand’s visual identity, inspired by the Green Bus. The vibrant green color symbolizes safety and reliability as it transports students from schools to their homes, reflecting our commitment to providing a secure and trustworthy journey.