Green Bus

In a world increasingly reliant on digital marketing, Green Bus, a leader in Cairo’s private school transport sector, aimed to renew its digital identity and enhance its presence on social media to meet the evolving expectations of its audience


Our company succeeded in redesigning its brand identity, developing its website and managing its social media platforms, with the aim of redefining customer engagement and attracting a new audience.



  • Redesigning the company’s visual identity to reflect its values and the level of safety and comfort it provides to school students.
  • Developing a user-friendly website that allows parents to easily book transportation services for their children.
  • Creating an effective social media strategy to enhance engagement with the target audience.


  1. Visual Identity Redesign: We developed a new logo and a brand style guide that clearly communicates the values of safety, trust, and comfort that the company offers to students and their parents.
  2. Website Development: We rebuilt the website to be more user-friendly, including an online booking feature and a real-time vehicle tracking system to reassure parents.

  3. Social Media Strategy: We designed and implemented an interactive content plan targeting parents, focusing on educational information about safety and comfort during transport, and sharing success stories from students’ daily lives with Green Bus


Thanks to these efforts, Green Bus saw a significant increase in brand awareness and improved engagement on social media. Parents appreciated the new website’s ease of use and the transparency of the trip tracking system, resulting in increased bookings and customer satisfaction.