Arab African Tours

Arab African is a leading company in the field of religious tourism, and we have managed its social media platforms, redesigned its identity, and created advertising campaigns on social media platforms.

Overview: Arab African, a leading travel company established in 1991 and seeks to strengthen its digital presence to achieve its growth goals and increase the interaction of potential customers.



1- Extreme competition: Icon faced strong competition in the financial consulting market, which necessitated improving its digital presence to stand out from others.

2- Market changes: Challenges arising from accelerated changes in the financial consulting market, such as technology and new legislation.

3- Improved communication with customers: There was an urgent need to improve the means of communication with customers and increase interaction with them to enhance loyalty and attract new customers.

4-Digital marketing challenges:The shift to digital marketing has been a challenge, especially in understanding how to use data and analysis to improve outcomes.


Thanks to these integrated efforts, Arab African significantly increased its digital presence. This led to improved brand awareness and increased interaction from potential customers. The targeted advertising campaigns resulted in tangible outcomes, boosting sales during key travel seasons.
The company now enjoys a stronger position in the market, with an expanded customer base and readiness to explore new growth opportunities.