• Managing and Improving Social Media Platforms
  • Designing a profile and website
  • Market penetration marketing strategy

Doroub Travel

Doroub Travel, a new company in the Egyptian tourism market, has faced challenges in establishing its brand presence and excellence from long experienced competitors.


Our company has significantly enhanced the online presence of Drop Travel, a leader in domestic, foreign, and religious tourism, by improving digital marketing strategies, redesigning marketing campaigns, and creating a new website.


The main challenge for  Doroub Travel was to establish a strong brand identity and market presence, aiming to become a renowned name in organising Umrah and Hajj trips, as well as other travel services. Despite offering high-quality services, the company faced a lack of tangible digital presence and effective communication with its target audience, resulting in missed growth


To address these challenges, an integrated approach has been adopted, including:

1- Managing and Improving Social Media Platforms: 

Carefully designed content has been developed to reflect the values and services provided by the company, with a focus on enhancing interaction with followers.

2- Designing a profile and website: 

redesigning the company’s visual identity and developing an attractive website that presents its services clearly and easily accessible to customers.

3- Market penetration marketing strategy:

 implement targeted advertising campaigns during Umrah and Hajj seasons, ensuring efficient and effective access to the target audience.


Thanks to these efforts, Doroub Travel significantly increased its digital presence, leading to improved brand awareness and increased customer interaction. Targeted advertising campaigns boosted sales, particularly during Umrah and Hajj seasons. The company now holds a stronger market position with an expanded customer base, ready to explore new growth opportunities.