Icon works in financial consulting, offering services that help customers get loans to expand their business and increase their productivity with the least benefit from banks. It also helps customers to open bank accounts, whether corporate or personal.

Overview: Our efforts focused on enhancing Icon’s digital presence by improving social media strategies and redesigning the company profile



1- Extreme competition: Icon faced strong competition in the financial consulting market, which necessitated improving its digital presence to stand out from others.

2- Market changes: Challenges arising from accelerated changes in the financial consulting market, such as technology and new legislation.

3- Improved communication with customers: There was an urgent need to improve the means of communication with customers and increase interaction with them to enhance loyalty and attract new customers.

4-Digital marketing challenges:The shift to digital marketing has been a challenge, especially in understanding how to use data and analysis to improve outcomes.


To address these challenges, an integrated approach has been adopted, including:

  1. Comprehensive analysis of the current situation: review the brand’s current identity and ensure that it is correctly reflected on the company and its services.
  2. Develop the communication strategy: develop an innovative communication strategy and identify the appropriate digital channels to communicate with the target audience.
  3. Creating a profile: Improving its presence on social media and creating an appropriate profile for the company.


Efforts have resulted in a clear increase in brand awareness and public interaction, leading to positive results and enhancing ICON’s position as a leader in financial consulting in record time.