Brand Story :

Procoor, a team of expert engineers, recognized the need to bridge the gap in construction systems and the real estate field by digitizing their processes. Their goal was to create a smart, efficient, and organized system that would streamline operations and make project management a seamless endeavor.

The Problem :

When Procoor approached us, they were facing several challenges. Firstly, they had zero conversion and leads, which indicated a lack of effective marketing strategies. Additionally, their visual brand identity was not well-defined, and their content lacked a cohesive and compelling message. Through research and market analysis, we identified the areas that needed improvement.

The Goal :

Our primary objective was to increase Procoor's leads and establish a strong presence on social media platforms. We aimed to position Procoor as a trusted and innovative industry leader in the construction and real estate sectors.

The Challenge:

One of the main hurdles we faced was our limited knowledge in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and software systems specific to construction processes. However, we were determined to overcome this challenge by conducting in-depth research and studying the market trends and requirements of the construction industry.

The Result:

Through our strategic marketing efforts, we successfully transformed Procoor's brand and achieved remarkable results. We implemented a comprehensive marketing plan that included targeted social media campaigns, search engine optimization, and content creation. As a result, Procoor experienced a significant increase in leads and conversions. Their brand identity became more visually appealing and aligned with their core values. Procoor's strong online presence and enhanced reputation positioned them as industry pioneers, attracting new clients and establishing long-term partnerships.