Procoor is a company specialising in the sale of ERP systems to engineering companies and engineering consulting offices. They feature innovative and customised ERP solutions that meet engineering companies’ needs effectively and efficiently.

Overview: As technology continues to evolve, investing in advanced IT solutions to stay on top of competition has become important. PROCOOR is the strategic partner of its clients, helping them achieve efficiency and increase productivity by providing a comprehensive and integrated ERP system. By embracing the latest technologies and following the latest trends in the world of technology, PROCOOR ensures that its customers have the best technology solutions that help them succeed in the world of digital business.


1- Poor brand awareness: PROCOOR had poor brand awareness in the market, which made it difficult for it to attract new customers.

2- Weakness in content: PROCOOR was facing challenges in creating attractive and appropriate content that effectively reflects its services.

3- Weakness in design: PROCOOR was facing challenges in designing its pages on social media platforms, as previous designs did not impress customers.


To address these challenges, an integrated approach has been adopted, including:

  1. Comprehensive analysis of the current situation: review the brand’s current identity and ensure that it is correctly reflected on the company and its services.
  2. Develop the communication strategy: develop an innovative communication strategy and identify the appropriate digital channels to communicate with the target audience.
  3. Creating a profile: Improving its presence on social media and creating an appropriate profile for the company.


Thanks to the new strategy, PROCOOR has seen a significant increase in customer interaction and increased admiration for designing its pages on social media platforms and effectively improved service description, enhancing the relationship with customers and increasing the demand for its services, as well as attracting new customers of the company.