Wahet Saeed Case Study

Brand Story :

"Wahet Saeed" is an Oriental restaurant known for its super high-quality and delicious cuisine. Despite offering exceptional food, people were hesitant to dine at the restaurant due to its perceived high prices. The challenge was to change the perception and highlight the value and quality of the dining experience at Wahet Saeed.

The Problem :

The main issue Wahet Saeed faced was that potential customers were deterred by the perception of high prices without fully understanding the value they would receive in return. The goal was to increase traffic to the restaurant by effectively communicating the remarkable experience and taste of the food.

The Goal :

Our objective was to enhance the perception of Wahet Saeed and increase footfall to the restaurant. We aimed to educate potential customers about the exceptional quality and value of the food experience they would enjoy. By showcasing the unique offerings and the remarkable taste of the cuisine, we sought to attract more customers to Wahet Saeed.

The Challenge:

The challenge we faced was to address the perception of high prices and communicate the value proposition effectively. We needed to find a way to convince potential customers that the dining experience at Wahet Saeed was worth the price and that they would receive exceptional quality and taste.

The Result:

To overcome this challenge, we conducted a comprehensive video and photoshoot of the food preparation process, starting from the slaughtering of animals such as cows, buffalo, and sheep, through to the meticulous cuisine serving. By capturing and showcasing these behind-the-scenes moments, we aimed to provide transparency and highlight the care and expertise that goes into each dish. Client Feedback: