SAAB Case Study

Brand Story :

SAAB, an agent and supplier of cosmetics and fragrances, recognized the need to build their own fragrance line and rebuild their brand to distribute it directly to stores. They also aimed to enhance their digital presence to expand their business, increase brand reputation, and boost sales.

The Problem :

SAAB faced challenges in the form of unorganized distribution channels and price differences caused by various distributors. To maintain control over their brand and product pricing, SAAB decided to build their own fragrance line and distribute it directly to stores. They needed to overcome the complexities of distribution, establish strong branding, and unify pricing to protect their brand name and products.

The Goal :

Our goal was to help SAAB achieve a strong presence on social media with impactful branding. We aimed to increase sales, expand their market share, and establish a direct distribution model to stores. By unifying pricing and taking control of the distribution process, we aimed to enhance our brand reputation and establish SAAB as a trusted fragrance supplier.

The Challenge:

One of the main challenges we faced was the competitive market landscape for cosmetics and fragrances. We needed to develop strategies that would differentiate SAAB's fragrance line from other brands and attract a significant customer base. Additionally, we had to ensure effective distribution logistics and manage the complexities of pricing unification.

The Result:

Through our strategic approach, SAAB achieved significant results. We successfully developed and launched their fragrance line, establishing a strong brand presence and reputation. By implementing targeted social media campaigns and branding initiatives, we increased customer engagement and attracted a larger audience.